City of Griffin Economic Development

The Griffin Area is currently in a surge of new growth and development that is occurring in all areas of the City. In 2019 there was a net increase ofe 97 new businesses that opened in Griffin with many new development projects underway. Holiday Inn Express, Griffin's first interior corridor hotel, is currently under construction in the Griffin Crossroads Shopping Center on US 19/41 alongside a new build of an existing IHOP that wws needing a larger footprint. The former IHOP will be replaced with a brand new Del Taco. THe former Payless Shoes will be the new home to Moe's Southweset Grill. These are just a few of the investment that is occurring in our community with more to come. For list of available properties  click here.


The City of Griffin currently boasts many great incentive programs to encourage and assist new development in the area. A Utility Incentive Program which rewards new businesses that create jobs in the community by reducing their utilities for the first three years of operation.  We also are located in a Federal Opportunity Zone which allows for deferred gain on reinvestment within a specific zone.  Almost all of Griffin is currently in a Federal Opportunity Zone that you may capitalize on. In addition we have two State Opportunity Zones which allow for a $3,500 income tax credit on new jobs created within zones; and an Enterprise Zone which allows for a local property tax abatement and other fee reductions associated with a new development in that zone.  Contact Patrick Kay at 770-228-5356 or to find out more information


In Griffin, we don’t want you to feel like you have to go at it alone; and we have many resources and support teams out there to help you along the way.  Not only is the Economic Development Office there to assist you throughout your business life, you have Griffin Spalding Chamber of Commerce, the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), and the UGA Food and Product Innovative Center (PIC) for those that want to create a new food product.  Each group has various tools that can help you as a business thrive in this community and each of them are here to see you be successful. 


 Griffin + Spalding Chamber of Commerce    Small Business Development Center (SBDC)   UGA Food PIC


The right information at the right time can mean the difference of success or failure and we offer any business free retail/restaurant data.  We partner with Electric Cities of Georgia to provide ESRI data that shows demographic information that is critical to marketing and business development.  We know how many people within a given radius of your business earn, spend, and go out at night.  We can help you determine how much of the market share is available for your industry and where you need to market your business to get the most return on your investment.  Our data can show you how many people pass by your business each day and how many of them work within your business area every day.  Contact Patrick Kay at 770-228-5356 or to find out more information

Commercial Centers

Just like a school of fish, safety is in numbers and having a location within a shopping center can be beneficial to you as a new business.  Griffin has 5 major shopping centers that currently have available space in them.  Your business can benefit from the current traffic that each of them see on a daily basis.  Three of the shopping centers are located on US 19/41 which sees over 34,000 vehicles per day.  The other locations, while not high traffic, are located in census tract areas of higher median incomes.  Four of the five locations are owned by one development firm, so identifying your best location can easily be taken care of. 


 North Griffin Square    Griffin Crossroads   Spalding Village   Crescent Village   Spalding Square

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