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Griffin Spalding Historical Society

After seeing the continued demolition and destruction of so many of the fine old homes in Griffin, and after numerous consultations about the problem, three local citizens of Griffin, Seaton Grantland Barnes, John Henry Cheatham, Jr., and John Hunter Goddard, Jr., took it upon themselves to call a group of interested people together to discuss the possibility of founding a historical and preservation organization for the Griffin area. Its purpose was to acquaint people of this area of the past history of the City of Griffin and of Spalding County, and to inspire the community in the need and desirability of preserving local historical and interesting" residences, places and sites which were still in existence. A charter was obtained in the Superior Court of Spalding County granting incorporation to the Griffin Historical and Preservation Society, Inc. on October 30, 1969.

While not regarded an old Georgia town when compared with places like Savannah, Augusta, or Darien, and while so many of the large, beautiful, Greek Revival homes of the period have been destroyed, we still have in Griffin a few places of local historical and architectural interest. It was felt by the original group which came together on January 24, 1969, that these landmarks should be preserved, as far as possible, in the highly industrialized and mechanized civilization in which we live, where so many places have been and are now being razed under the name of modern progress.

Bailey Tebault House

The Bailey Tebault House houses the Griffin Spalding Historical Society

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