2018 "Importance of your Water" Photo Contest

Welcome to the City of Griffin Stormwater Division’s “Importance of your Water” Annual Photography Contest

June 2018 Featured Photograph for the City of Griffin Stormwater Division’s “Importance of your Water” Annual Photography Contest

The above photograph, taken by Charlotte Dyer, is titled “Runoff”.  As water flows over lawns and gardens, it carries with it all of the nutrients and debris on the ground.  Fertilizer and pet waste enter streams, ponds, lakes and rivers and the result is a choking algae bloom.  This algae blocks out sunlight and uses up oxygen.  Some algae, upon dying, may even release toxins that may harm animal or man. Take care in how and when you fertilize and pick up pet waste.

A winning photograph will be featured here each month.  Each photo will be accompanied by an educational message.  A traveling display of all of the photos will be set up in the lobby of the Customer Service Center at the City of Griffin’s One Griffin Place building for the months of May, June and July.

Interested in entering the photo contest next year?  Photographs taken within Griffin-Spalding County will be accepted in March of 2019.  The photos should reflect how important clean water is to all of us.  Themes can include natural settings, wildlife, municipal water/wastewater/stormwater, recreation or pollution.  Photos for the 2019 contest must be taken after March 2018.

Contact Brice Martin at bmartin@cityofgriffin.com or Alexa Robinson at arobinson@cityofgriffin.com for questions or if you wish to have the traveling display featured at your building. 

Special thanks to everyone that entered the contest and to our photography contest judges, Bob Rice, Bonnie Morét and Dan Dunnahoo.

Check back next month to see the next featured photograph and photographer!

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