Office of the Chief of Police

Steven D. Heaton

Chief of Police

Chief Steven D. Heaton has 32 years of law enforcement experience which has encompassed all aspects in the field including patrol, investigations, internal affairs, public information, accreditation, state certification and administration.

Obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration and a Master of Public Administration, he expanded his education to become a graduate of the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police Command College, Tennessee Law Enforcement Executive Development Course and the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy.  Chief Heaton is an Assessor and Team Leader for the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) and has served on numerous boards and committees to include the State Certification for Law Enforcement Agencies Committee for the State of Georgia and the Legislative Committee for the Georgia Chiefs of Police. He served as fourth Vice President for the Georgia Chiefs of Police Association until his retirement in August 2013.

 Chief Heaton was involved extensively in the investigative field in the latter part of his career moving through the ranks from Detective to Major and in March of 2006 received an opportunity to serve as Police Chief of Fayetteville, Georgia, where he served for 7 years before retiring in August of 2013.  In April 2014 Chief Heaton was selected to serve as the Police Chief of Griffin Police Department.

Office of Professional Standards

To ensure the public trust, the Office of Professional Standards under the Office of the Chief. was created and works directly from the Office of the Chief and was established to investigate allegations of employee misconduct and to provide the public with a fair and effective means to address their legitimate grievances against the agency or its employees. This office identifies policies and practices that are ineffective or outdated. The OPS is the Department’s Internal Affairs Unit.

Employees that are involved in illegal, unethical, or unprofessional conduct are identified and appropriate action is taken to correct the problem.
Investigations are intended to protect the reputation of individual employees, the agency, and the public from false or misleading information.

The Office of Professional Standards is responsible for the continuous training of police officers. Officers from Griffin and other agencies comprised the 198 students that attended advanced P.O.S.T. classes at the Department.


Lt./Inv. Darrell Dix
Darrell Dix has been in law enforcement for 23 years. He is responsible for training, the PRISIM Judgmental Use of Force Simulator, Fleet Management, Equipment Acquisition, and assists with Internal Affairs Cases. Dix is the Special Response Team Commander and holds certifications up to the Management level. He is the department’s only Senior P.O.S.T. Instructor. He is also a Firearms, Defensive Tactics, and SWAT Instructor. Dix has had prior assignments with Uniform Patrol, Criminal Investigations, and Narcotics.