Construction Permits & Inspections

The mission of Construction Permits and Inspections is to provide quality customer service will effectively protecting the health, safety, and public welfare of the city by:

            Reviewing construction documents and issuing permits

            Inspecting construction to verify compliance with current code requirements.

Construction Permits & Inspections Process

Once a project is submitted, Plan Review examines the submitted plans and construction documents for all residential and commercial construction. The plan review process is orchestrated by Planning & Development Services, but typically involves other Departments such as Public Works, Electric & Public Safety.

The Permits Division is responsible for the plan review process and issuance of all construction permits and certificate of occupancy permits. Permits are issued Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:30 AM and 4:30 PM.

Building Permits are required for all new construction.
Other projects requiring building permits include:


  1. Interior Build-Outs
  2. Room Addition
  3. Renovation
  4. Driveways
  5. Elevation Changes
  6. Accessory Structures
  7. Changes/ additions to structural components


Building permits can only be obtained by state-licensed contractors who hold a business license. Homeowners may obtain a building permit (with a completed Homeowner’s Affidavit) only if they are going to do the work themselves. Any property owners not living at the residence for a minimum of two years must secure the services of a licensed contractor.


Trade Permits must be obtained by licensed contractors for all electrical, plumbing and HVAC work. Repair and/or installation of water lines, sewer tie in/ repairs, and gas lines also require a trade permit by a licensed contractor.


Specialty Permits are required for demolition, roofing, siding, permanent/ temporary signage and fence installation. Contractors applying for a demolition permit must submit proof of asbestos or abatement letter.


Land Disturbance Permits are issued on earth moving (grading) projects greater than or equal to one (1) acre or contain three (3) or more lots. This permit ensures that all stormwater management and erosion control measures are in place prior to construction.



After a permit is issued, inspection are required at various stages of the project to ensure compliance with local city, state, and federal codes. (insert Building & Roofing Inspection Schedules)

The inspector(s) are state licensed, certified by various code authorities, and participate in continuing education classes to keep up to date with the ever changing construction industry. (insert Notice of Qualified Inspectors) The inspector(s) work closely with the local utility providers to make clearances for connection to those utilities.

Certificate of Occupancy

Upon final inspection of the completed project, a Certificate of Occupancy is issued to the project’s Owner. At this point the building or structure is available to be used or occupied by the public.

 All contractors and tradesmen must submit for verification:

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Current Business License
  • Valid State License issued by GA Secretary of State


The person applying for the permit must be the name on the state card. Otherwise, the “card holder”   must authorize another person to apply for and pick up permit.

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