Telecommunications Services
High Speed data communications for e-commerce, data transfer and internet access is critical to the success of today's business and industry. To assure this success for our customers, the City of Griffin is a founding member of Georgia Public Web. GPW has implemented the largest single deployment of high speed fiber communications in the state of Georgia, connecting communities that have had their communication needs largely ignored by the incumbent suppliers.

The City of Griffin is certified as a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) and has already installed a fiber righ in both the Green Valley and Griffin-Spalding Industrial Parks, and has tied this local network to the Georgia Public Web statewide fiber backbone. This provides high-speed connectivity to major points of presence (POP) and Internet access with redundant carriers and multiple on-ramps to the Internet.

We offer a variety of services, including DS1, DS3, shared and private high-speed Ethernet networks and dark fiber leases. These services can be provided with no mileage charges, and monthly access fees that are negotiable for a new customer based on specific needs.

Service Offering Descriptions

DS1 Service
DS1 Service provides for the two-way transmission of 1.544 Mbps digital signals on a point-to-point basis only. DS1 Service may be used for the transmission of voice, data, and video signals, or any combination thereof. DS1 Service is provided between two Customer designated premises, between a Customer designated premises and a Company serving wire center.

DS3 Service
DS3 Service provides for the two-way transmission of 44.736 Mbps synchronous serial data on a point-to-point basis only. DS3 Service is provided between customer designated premises and a Company serving wire center, or between Company serving wire centers.

Private 10/100 Mbps Data Network
The Griffin private 10/100 data offering is a point-to-point high-speed data circuit that connects two locations with reserved, non-shared facilities. Optoelectronics, operating at 10/100 Ethernet speeds, are provided at each end of the circuit and are connected with two fiber optic strands. Electronics and fiber optic strands are reserved exclusively for the subscriber.

Shared 10/100 Mbps Data Network
The shared Griffin 10/100 data network consists of three network nodes, each equipped with a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet switch. Nodes are connected with a 48-count fiber optic cable with two of the 48 used for this service offering. From network nodes, fiber optic access lines are extended to customer locations. Each access line is equipped with fiber optic transceivers to activate the fiber strands in a line format that is compatible with the 10/100 switches. All fiber terminations, whether infrastructure 10/100 or access line connections, are equipped with appropriate fiber optic terminating gear; back-up power for electronics is accomplished with uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Through a partitioning arrangement accomplished with packet addressing, this network can be shared with multiple users, effectively forming multiple user-specific "virtual" Wide Area Networks.

Dark Fiber Lease
Dark fiber leased facilities are available for point-to-point communications. Both single and multi-mode fiber is available to meet customer needs.

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